Save money. Save gas. Forget Esso.

My husband told me today that of all the major Canadian gas companies, Esso is the worst at fuel efficiency. A co-worker of his at Innovest Strategic Value Advisors has been trying to reduce his driving speed in an attempt to save gas. He noticed that when he purchased his gas at the Esso near Innovest and alternatively at the Shell near his house, he got significantly more kilometers for his buck from the Shell gas. He did some further research to back up his observations and found extensive postings online about how crappy Esso is for mileage and for the environment.

Here’s a quote from Greenpeace

“Esso is the only major oil company that refuses to invest in clean energy. Instead, Esso spends its money undermining the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. In 1999, Esso was the fifth-biggest lobbyist in Washington and contributed five times more money than Enron to George W. Bush. Esso also makes Canada’s dirtiest gas, which contains smog- causing sulphur levels three times the Canadian average and 30 times the level allowed in California. ”

Perhaps I am ignorant (in my defense, I do not own a car) but never thought about the difference in gas from different providers. I always thought gas was gas and just went to the closest station. No more!

Save money. Save gas. Forget Esso.

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min