2 posts from day 14/07/2008

How to Run Windows on Your Mac For Free

Everyone loves a free alternative. The curtain has now risen on VirtualBox. A free tool that lets you run Windows on your Mac. Previous to the release of VirtualBox, in order to run Windows on Mac you needed to purchase VMware or Parallels. Now you have a free alternative. 1 Free Program to Run Windows on your Mac is a step-by-step guide to installing and using VirtualBox.

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How to Start Your WordPress Blog

As I try to get started with my WordPress blog, I thought I would post this WebMonkey tutorial on How to Get Started with WordPress. Unfortunately, as with most tutorials written by experts, they talk above the clients they are trying to help. If you are like me, and not a web developer, your first question will likely be - what is a MySQL database and how do I get one? You don't need to bother yourself with these questions. In fact, skip past the Installation subheading because if you own a ...

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