Innerpreneur Spotlight: Kate Phillips

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Kate Phillips
Life Coach & Financial Healer
Total Wealth Coaching
katephillips @

I am:

a holistic life coach and financial healer (and the founder of Total Wealth Coaching), and also a professional Singer-Songwriter.

My passion is:

helping people change how they think and feel about money so that it is no longer a limiting “trap” in their life, but a tool they can use to fulfill their own mission.

One of my missions is to change the statistics in the United States. The average American woman retires on just over US $1300 a year, and most of that is social security. In a wealthy country in a prosperous time in history, too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck.

I am also passionate about helping people realize that they have the power to create both inner and outer wealth in their lives, and empowering them to live by intention in joy and abundance. I want to help people (men and women) to carve their own path in the world.

As a musician, I write and sing about whatever I’m passionate about at the moment… could be a relationship, an experience, even a thought or a feeling. From uplifting songs with a spiritual bent to Nashvillian love-gone-wrong songs.

I make things different each day by:

living authentically.

I was a real estate agent for 8-1/2 years, and when I fell out of love with it, it took me a couple of years to have the courage (and cash!) to change careers.

But this new career…I didn’t know WHAT I was going to be or do, I just knew WHO I was.  I had started doing women’s workshops and had a gift for helping women shift their belief systems and gain awareness and confidence.  I was helping people “take on” their relationship with money until their whole life worked better.

I wasn’t sure how to monetize it or what to call it.  I wasn’t sure what credentials I should have.  I started to become a financial planner, then took an abrupt left turn and got a life coaching certification.  (With all due respect, I decided the world didn’t need another financial planner, and the compliance regulations would have squashed half of my workshop ideas.)

But really, most of what I’ve needed to know has come from an inner “knowing.”  Sometimes I’ll create a book outline, a workshop exercise, or a song with impossible speed, as if the muse is dictating it through me.  These things tend to take on a life of their own; sometimes I am quite surprised at the end result.  (Usually pleasantly so.)

I have lots of ideas about:

  • How we relate to money and what it means (because money is never just about money – it’s about us)
  • What I call “financial planning out of the box” (getting beyond the limited way we’ve been taught to think about money)
  • Personal development and empowerment
  • Spirituality
  • Albums I’d like to record someday, such as “Romantic Comedies and Other Tragedies” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit and other Piano Ballads.”

My advice is:

live as if money is not an object that stands in our way, but a friend.

forgive, always.
Forgive yourself for any perceived mistakes, forgive whatever you think anyone has done to you, forgive whatever experiences you’ve rejected and resisted.  Then live from your intentions and passions, not from your past.

My business helps you with:

financial stress, habits that don’t serve you (like emotional spending) and the burden of living unconsciously.  I help people integrate their money, mind, and spirit so that they are at peace within themselves and can offer their unique gifts to the world.

“There are no haves and have-nots. We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners; we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone.”
– Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Kate Phillips

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