Innerpreneur Spotlight: Suzanna

Dance Artist & Social Enterprise Professional
Planet Suzanna

I am:

a lifelong dance artist, a knowledgeable social enterprise professional, a mother, a teacher, and a force for bringing people together to increase horizons.

Onstage in performance, I am a conduit through which one connects to forces that cannot be experienced through conscious thought.

My passion is for:

Offering all that I’ve learned as a lifelong dancer with extensive and diverse training to any individual that wishes to discover her or his physical intelligence through dance, and the infinite spiritual growth that awaits. The commitment of my students is a source of unlimited inspiration for me, enabling me to give back even more.

Additionally, I am passionate about heightening awareness of the arts as a quality-of-life necessity, essential to spiritual, emotional, and psychological wellness. American culture suffers from a chronic imbalance of resources and time spent on consumerism, television and the over-consumption of violent media, sports entertainment, and negative sexual imagery. The experience or practice of the arts is an afterthought, a quaint nod toward that which appears to have no established purpose in our modern lives. I hope to be a force to encourage decentralized support for the arts to reach more communities, generating smaller and more frequent encounters with the arts in our everyday lives.

Within the arts sector, I am passionate about increasing collaboration across disciplines, sharing audiences, and expanding support for cultural arts, with greater inclusion of the art of belly dance, which continues to be marginalized due to clichés.

My business helps you with:

  • How to originate movement with your body, build transitions, interpret music, and speak through dance. As a personal dance trainer, I guide you in discovering and engaging hidden core strength and advancing your ability beyond imagination.
  • Infusing the joy of discovery among your guests. As both a performer and event coordinator, I create and/or collaborate with you to create a spectacular and unforgettable event to include a customized performance that takes advantage of my experience, knowledge, and resources in production consultation and talent (including me, if that’s what works).
  • Aligning your organizational goals and efforts with strategic planning, resource development, and how to communicate the story of your value to the community. I am a nonprofit/social enterprise professional with an advanced degree and strong communications background.

I make things different each day by:

Moving my body creatively and expanding physical intelligence by pushing myself to experiment and build strength in movement sequences that are unfamiliar.

I have lots of ideas about:

  • Healing and growing internally – emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually – by developing creative physical capacity and core strength: empowering the body empowers the spirit
  • How to improve service delivery and public value in the nonprofit sector
  • Collaboration and cross-fertilization across artistic genres

My advice is:

  • Put physical activity on the schedule. If you’ve danced, keep dancing and discovering! If you haven’t, and are curious but slightly anxious about doing it “right,” retain the services of a personal dance trainer. Classes are fine, but they are often (by necessity) one-size-fits-all or locked into a particular genre.
  • Put artistic participation on the schedule. Take your child to a poetry reading, make a video for a friend, catch a play over the weekend, or host a music and dance event in your home!
  • Remember that perspective is everything. It guides your every decision, from large to daily minutia. Decisions, in turn, determine the course of your life. So put thoughtful attention toward feeding your perspective. Travel is one common way to enhance perspective, but consider as well the journey of physical discovery.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” – Albert Einstein

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Suzanna

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