Innerpreneur Spotlight: Ken Peters

February Innerpreneur Spotlight

Ken Peters
Strategic Graphic Designer
Nocturnal Graphic Design Studio, LLC
Children’s Fiction Author & Illustrator
The Cave Creek Kid

I am:

…a husband. …the father of a young son. …constantly thinking about the world my son will inherit, and what I can do to have a positive impact on it. …an optimistic believer in the possibilities of the future. …a believer in taking a chance on yourself. …someone who has fallen flat on my face more than once, but who has had the temerity to get back up. …stubborn. …restlessly creative. …willing to help. …seeking to contribute. …hoping to make a difference. …a graphic designer, brand strategist and Founder/Creative Director of Phoenix, AZ based Nocturnal Graphic Design Studio. …the creator, author and illustrator of a western-themed children’s book called, “The Cave Creek Kid”. …always striving to be better.

My passion is for:

Creativity, imagination, and ideas. Nothing truly great, or innovative, ever came from conventional thinking. As Einstein said, “Knowledge is power. But, imagination is more powerful”.

My business helps you with:

Applying creativity and imagination to expand the potential of what your business can be.

I make things different each day by:

Well, I try to make things different each day by using my creativity and imagination in positive ways. This entails everything from collaborating with my clients to visually articulate the meaning, metaphor, character and wit of their business and brand, to finding creative ways to get my three year old to finish his dinner. As a designer I’m trained to see things differently – to be pragmatic, and find the extra in the ordinary. I try to apply this philosophy to every aspect of my life.

I have lots of ideas about:

Helping my clients to improve their businesses. Growing my own business. The ongoing importance of design and branding in an ever-changing marketplace. Opening a restaurant (someday). Paintings I can’t seem to find the time for. Creating new characters and stories in the Cave Creek Kid series. Expanding my existing efforts to provide assistance to abused children via revenue generated through the sales of Cave Creek Kid books. Creating other children’s books.

My advice is:

Find your bliss, and be confident enough in yourself to follow it. Believe in yourself, because there will be times when others don’t, and you can’t let that shake you. Self-confidence helps you to make decisions based on achieving success, not avoiding failure – and that’s the key. Attitude is everything, because whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.

“Do all you can, with what you have, in the time that you have, in the place that you are.”
– I heard this on NPR one day from a 12 year old African boy dying of AIDS.
I don’t remember his name because I was scrambling so quickly to write down the quote that I missed it. He was essentially saying, “carpe diem”, but something about the combination of message and messenger made it resonate in a way that Horace’s words never did. It’s always stuck with me.

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Ken Peters

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