Innerpreneur Spotlight: Rebecca Stees

March Innerpreneur Spotlight

Rebecca Stees
Director of Art Camps, Classes and Parties
fun ( AT ) artyowza ( DOT ) com
Rebecca on Twitter

I am:

  1. lucky
  2. creative
  3. fun
  4. focused
  5. learning
  6. connecting
  7. curious

My passion is for:

  1. art
  2. creative community
  3. innovation
  4. life skills
  5. happiness
  6. leadership development
  7. personal evolution

My business helps you with:

  1. surprise
  2. structuring your freedom
  3. permission
  4. developing talents
  5. friendships
  6. empowerment through self-expression
  7. joy

I make things different each day by:

  1. enjoying and appreciating what is
  2. checking in with myself
  3. mixing it up with my clients, new connections and friends
  4. dreaming a bit
  5. playing a bigger game
  6. expanding possibility
  7. growing into the new picture

I have lots of ideas about:

  1. a-z (aliens through zombies)
  2. international potato disco art shows
  3. small business marketing
  4. growing a creative career
  5. building character in children
  6. funky fresh fish murals
  7. the energy hour for adults
  8. making silly sculpture

My advice is:

  1. become visible
  2. build community
  3. be a leader
  4. receive support
  5. give back
  6. leave a trail
  7. smile

“Art Yowza is Bold Creative Fun!”
– Rebecca Stees

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Rebecca Stees

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