10 posts from month 03/2009

Letting Go Of Keeping Up

I don’t want to feel like I am always racing to keep up. But sometimes I do. The emails that my heart wants to write, the article ideas lost in my head or in a book. I know the answer is that it will all get done. That I need to tackle each as it comes and not fret about all that isn’t done. But I wonder if it isn’t an innerpreneur's natural inclination to see what isn’t created, rather than what is?

Growth is slow

I’ve spent the last week engrossed in my pricing and service platform. I’m trying to figure out how to authentically describe what I do. I’ve added my work-in-progress expertise to the blog. Hopefully it connects.

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Promotion That Feels Good

SNDRV 2.0 Creative Commons License photo credit: sndrv
The web is marketing. We are marketing ourselves each times we click publish. We are putting our brand, ourselves, on a mass medium. It sounds like a scary thought but it isn't.

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A Pricing Approach to Raise Your Consciousness

I’ve decided to try something that might sound a bit crazy. I’m going to let my customers set my prices.

My Price is Your Value

I’ve heard of two restaurants and a guy who wrote a book all of who sell their product and/or service by value. One restaurant is in Australia and one is in my hometown of Toronto. I’ve never eaten at either. The guy who wrote the book is Philip Dignan. He wrote the fantastic Secrets of the Wealthy Mind and it has helped inspire this decision.

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