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Nicole Carlin: June 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Nicole Carlin

Nicole Carlin Owner of POP Fizz Academy, Yoga Teacher, Burlesque Dancer, Hula Hooper POP Fizz Academy The POP Fizz Blog Follow Nicole on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

a young, female entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, hula-hooper and Burlesque dancer, the owner of POP Fizz Academy (an alternative dance, health and wellness school offering fun, frisky and empowering in-person classes and workshops and e-courses), addicted to my juicer, almost constantly filled with wanderlust, a dreamer, a to-do list lover, a big ol' belly laugher!

My passion is for:

helping women to discover that juicy, yummy, awesomeness of their beautiful bodies!

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