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The Magic of 3’s

3 Keys to Conscious Business [tweetmeme]

The 3 Keys to Consciousness

It is said that we have 3 dimensions of the physical world, theI, We, and It of consciousness,. There's I, representing our Self, there's We, representing how we feel with others and in our environment and then there is It, representing everything that is bigger than our Self and our World. Like the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, or Russia. This I, We, It is often expressed with the words the Beautiful, the Good and the True.

The 3 Keys to Business

Tom Peters, a quirky and wise business writer argues there are 3 keys to business:

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I’m 2!

It's Elastic Mind's 2nd birthday! [tweetmeme]

I'm celebrating Elastic Mind's birthday, except I just discovered it was yesterday...

I just wrote this article thinking today was Elastic Mind's special day and while adding a hyperlink, I discovered it was actually yesterday. I'm celebrating today regardless. I wasn't sure if 2 years in business was an anniversary or a birthday. I like birthday for Elastic Mind. I feel like I carried and birthed this bad boy.

Opportunities are an outcome of Innerpreneurship -- Innerpreneurship is not an outcome of opportunities.

Two years ago today yesterday I published Are You An Innerpreneur? and, in my mind, I officially launched my business. A month earlier, I had left my corporate marketing job with only my passion as security.

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A More Accurate Innerpreneur Timeline

Innerpreneur Books [tweetmeme] Almost two years ago to this date I had my first desire to write about Innerpreneurs. And, at the time, the only place I had ever heard of Innerpreneurs was in the cultural marketing book Karma Queens, Geek Gods and Innerpreneurs by Ron Rentel. Thus, I credited Ron for the creation of the word in my first article on the topic, Are You An Innerpreneur?.

It Ain't So

Now that I am older and wiser, I've discovered that Rentel was actually the 3rd author, to my knowledge, to use the term.

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