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The Forms of -preneurship and Your Personal Brand

preneurship [tweetmeme] If we look at -preneurship as a term used to describe our personal brand, what form of -preneurship would best communicate your value?

Entre-preneurship: taking charge of your own business

Literally, the word means: "begin to take charge" but is often defined as the practice of starting a new business. Entrepreneurial behaviour describes investing time and money in the creation and development of a new enterprise.

Intra-preneurship: taking charge within a business

Management Consultant Gifford Pinchot coined the term while exploring the role of spiritual values in business. He later wrote a popular book called Intrapreneuring and the term is now used to describe and encourage entrepreneurial attitudes within companies.

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Brilliance at Tedx Asheville: John Miles on ‘Happiness in Business’

[tweetmeme] Don't miss John's inspiring perspective on what it means to Innerpreneur. Follow John Miles or learn about his business

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Economics for the Innerpreneur

Economics [tweetmeme]

A perfectly rational world?

Conventional economic theory assumes perfect knowledge - of prices, markets and people. From this knowledge it extracts a "rational economic order" - a pattern to explain how economies work and how economic agents (e.g., buyers and sellers) interact. It is a theory that attempts to explain the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Conventional economic (and business) thought focuses on elements from only the physical realm - such as resources, commodities and technologies. It does not extend to the mental or conscious realm. Conventionally, wealth is seen as nothing more than what we have manifested in the physical realm.

A bigger view of economics

George Shackle was the first economist to challenge that the "algebra of business" is not a deterministic, linear science.

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You Won’t Know How

Commit [tweetmeme]

Forget How to Do It -- Commit to What You Do

You'll never know how to do it until you commit to what you are doing. Your success in whatever you choose is a matter of commitment.

Your choices are your daily commitment

In my experience, when I completely commit to the what -- that something that I feel passionate about -- I trigger the how -- the means and answers I seek.

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Stuff Undone, Things Unsaid (or I’m now on facebook and I’m writing my first book)

Facebook [tweetmeme] I'm writing my first book. It's about my experiences and learning letting my customers determine the price they pay for my work. I've been pricing this way for over a year and a half. I've been thinking about writing this book for over a year and three-quarters. I've been writing it for over six months.

It's painful. I'm procrastinating.

I've barely written anything, and what I did write, I'm not feeling good about. Every day, I ask myself, will you write some of it today? Each day, I don't. I haven't since July.

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