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Anger [tweetmeme] I've got a bit of a temper. You could call me fiery, if you will. Certain things just boil my blood. I take pleasure from expressing my displeasure.

Anger. The root of all protest movements and all processes of change.

I love my anger, when it's properly channeled. It drives me to make things different. My anger tells me that THIS is something that I am not okay with. It is a boundary-setter. It tells me that "I can see/feel/know that someone or something has wronged me." It tells me something needs to change. It is one of the best drivers I know. If I didn't think it was wrong, I would never be driven to refine anything. If I hadn't been pissed off at the corporate world, and the way business 'should be', and being told I 'should' accept it, this whole thing never would never be.

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