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Business Planning, not Plans

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I don't believe in plans. But planning is essential.

Plans involve making educated assumptions on what the convenient future could entail for your business. But why plan for a future that isn't going to happen the way you planned it to? In most instances, people think predicting the future is hogwash, but strangely not when it comes to business. Planning involves educating yourself on where you are going, developing a strategy for how you are going to get there, and a vision of what you want to experience along the way. You don't need to predict the future, you just need to know there is a route.

Process, not Product

I've found answering these 10 questions on business planning is a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable strategy for growth.

The Innerpreneur's Guide to Planning Your Business

A. What You're Getting Out of It

1. Why are you starting the business?

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