Christine Dionese: December 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Christine Dionese

Christine Dionese
Integrative Health Care Specialist, Medical Journalist and Business Development Consultant
Integrative Approach to Healing
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I am:

a professional smiley-pants: A really happy lover of people, crowds and connector of both!

Professionally, I’m an Integrative Health Care Specialist, Medical Journalist & Food Blogger and Business Development Consultant (to health and wellness professionals of all backgrounds).

My passion is for:

My passion is to strive toward developing the best ways to attain total wellness so that my teaching, writing and practice of medicine will be a true extension of myself out into the community.

As a business development consultant, it’s my mission to help doctors and new health care professionals understand and utilize integrative medicine in their practices to offer the most comprehensive care to the widest variety of people. This means living by example; to maintain the ability to put my own ego aside and still push forward with confidence (into a place that’s still not sure if they want to accept me or my ideas). My simple goal is to remind physicians that no matter what type of medical training or background, we all have it in us to heal our patients; to practice medicine for people, not things.

As a writer, I have the opportunity to get people thinking in possibilities, be a bit of a rebel and advocate for personal choice. By offering insight into the unknown, challenging accepted norms and refuting long-held myths and beliefs, people start asking questions; they want to know what else they could possibly tap into. If my writing can offer a platform to get people looking at themselves and how they relate to their local environments and communities more thoughtfully, I’ll know I’m at the height of my passion.

My business helps you:

  1. Make everyday wellness a lifestyle, rather than some “thing” that’s briefly chatted about in a doctor’s office once or twice a year.
  2. See yourself in new ways and inspire your creativity so that you can dynamically engender satisfying opportunity for others and your self.
  3. If you’re a doc/health care professional: offer whole person, everyday wellness to your patients and colleagues. Send your patients out the door feeling empowered with a tangible tool rather than a referral slip to another doctor.

My biggest challenge is:

Admitting the answer to this question? Okay, as you’ll read below, I said I keep it real… Balancing my work and personal life is my biggest challenge, BUT, that’s because I love my work so much! As a health care provider and facilitator/teacher, what I do professionally is my way of life. I’m the owner, the president, the mail delivery girl, you get it… Although it’s my biggest challenge, it’s also my biggest comfort to be healthy and conscious. So, I’m lucky, I often find the balance when I’m in the garden with my mom, whipping up some culinary delight with my friends or cruising along the beach with my boyfriend. These experiences offer the most visceral of reminders that we have to fill ourselves back up to keep delivering the goods.

I make a difference by:

  1. Interacting authentically: Being an engaged listener, keeping it real and being myself.
  2. Helping folks transform and re-frame skepticism, fear or dis-belief into conscience learning so they can feel comfortable in their own skin.
  3. Acknowledging (publicly sometimes) that I am a life-long learner open to possibilities and opportunity.
  4. Having chosen a non-traditional career path so others might have the opportunity to experience health and wellness in new ways.

I have lots of ideas about:

  1. Reverse and peer to peer mentoring.
  2. The power of everyday mindfulness and personal mantras.
  3. How to get people smiling at one another by teaching them about the science of happiness.
  4. I’m really excited about how the fields of neuroscience, microbiology, synaesthesia, ecology, and sociolinguistics are becoming extensions of one another in advancing the ways we learn and co-exist.

My advice would be:

Whatever your work is, make sure it’s palpable, that it touches you on a deep level and allows you to see yourself clearly (that last part is simple, yet great advice bestowed upon me by a dear friend and fellow entrepreneur). These perceptions alone will help push you forward, protect you when you have to step out of your comfort zone and allow you the confidence to continue in the creative flow. And, if you brainstorm a good idea; especially one that you know could benefit others, don’t be afraid to break a rule or two to make it happen. Asking for forgiveness later is much easier than wishing you’d done something to see your passion evolve! Oh, and if you need help, go for it, ask! Empowering others means we have to act humbly ourselves sometimes to do so.

“Don’t let your circumstances or habits rule your choices today. Become a master of yourself and use your willpower to choose.”
– Seth Godin; serial entrepreneur and author

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Christine Dionese: December 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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