Naomi Rose: January 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose
Writer, Book Developer, Creative Midwife, and Publisher
Writing from the Deeper Self / Rose Press
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I am:

An urban-born, culturally sophisticated lover of hills, farms, and cows.

Seeking my true nature has been a lifetime’s process. I liken it to flowers that manage to break through the pavement and grow where no one expects them to. This actually comes into my work as a writer, book developer, and publisher in a big way.

My passion is for:

Getting beneath the surface of our own conditioning (family, schooling, and cultural) to find the beauty, wisdom, joy, depth, and presence awaiting us there.

The creative process is such a perfect way to get to our deeper Self! Writing books (which is primarily what I help people do) offers a profound and healing way to find, give voice to, and share the treasures abounding within. As a Book Developer, I befriend the people who want to write—listen to them deeply—and give them encouragement that what’s in them deserves to be “said” on paper.  Many of them evolve into great writers, true artists, with exercised and fulfilled souls. I’m convinced that focusing on this deeper, more healing approach of “Writing from the Deeper Self” will inspire would-be book writers more than the purely commercial, often “paint-by-the-numbers” approach possibly can.

My business helps you:

Explore, find, and claim your inner artist — give your gift to the world, in a form that goes straight to the heart — and fulfill your dream of writing and even publishing a book. (It’s said that 85% of Americans believe they have a book inside them.) It also helps you sustain a long-term relationship with your book as you write it, and come out transformed on the other side. And it helps you put into words inner experiences and realizations that you may not even realize you can.

My biggest challenge is:

Getting messages down to Twitter-size! Deep reflections can take time, and a length of space.

I make a difference by:

Showing clients how much beauty is inside them—and that it matters to their readers as well as to them. It’s all part of writing a book deeply, learning to listen to “the book of yourself.”

I have lots of ideas about:

Creativity as a way of listening, sensing, and being — not just a “storm of good ideas.”

My advice would be:

If you really want to write a book, listen for the persistent memories, colors, and threads that want to get your attention from within. Don’t worry about how to do the whole thing all at once. A wisp is enough to start with.

“One must not only be an artist; one must become art itself. Then to the one who is so absorbed in his work that he forgets himself, that capacity, that intuition, that skill will come naturally. He begins to do wonders, and his art becomes a perfect expression of what he had in mind. … “
– Hazrat Inayat Khan, from Sufi Mysticism: Art Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Naomi Rose: January 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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