Bob O’Connor: March 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Bob O'Connor

Bob O’Connor
Founder & CCC (Chief Creative Collaborator)
Conflict Resolution Specialists, LLC
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I am:

an innerpreneur whose life and work are driven by my values. I am a generous, positive, enthusiastic encourager of personal and professional wellness. I am a dispute preventer, a conflict resolver and a life restorer promoting healing, growth and the fulfillment of our highest life purposes.

My passion is for:

adding real and lasting value to people’s lives. I am passionate about helping people and businesses get well, stay well, and dream of a future that is bright.

I am super passionate about people, and about words, because both are such powerful forces in the world either for ill or for good.

My business helps you:

as an individual or a business to create and sustain an atmosphere of wellness. If there is conflict, we help to resolve it. But we don’t stop there. People and businesses need to heal and restore balance after conflict in order to return to productivity and growth. It involves lots of learning, coaching and training.

My biggest challenge is:

personal discipline. Passion + discipline = effectiveness. It’s a major growth area. Oh, and I need more time.

I make a difference by:

being as authentic as I can. Warts and all, I am the gift I bring to every person, every business and every chance encounter, so I had better be real, and of real value.

I have lots of ideas about:

personal integration. I think a lot about how people can discover their unique gifts, skill sets and passions, and then build their life and their life’s work accordingly.

I’ve learned:

that businesses can prosper when the driving forces are values first, people second, impact and influence third, and profitability fourth.

“With integrity you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt. With fear and guilt removed you are free to be and do your best.”
– Zig Ziglar

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Bob O’Connor: March 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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