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Asking My Mentor About… Supportive Female Relationships

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Okay, here we go! Today is the first installment of Christine and my Peer-to-Peer Mentoring series. I'm excited to see how we will learn from each other. On her blog, I answered her question: How do you apply the advice and suggestions you offer your clients to your own projects and endeavors?

My Question to My Mentor:

What do you do to cultivate mutually supportive female relationships in your life?

Christine's Answer:

Historically, I’ve been a “guy’s girl” so answering this great question took a bit of thought! Cultivating supportive female relationships wasn’t always part of my Modus Operandi. Quite frankly, I always felt more at home with my male counterparts. I had more (or so I thought) in common in both my business and personal life. And then, one day out of ( ? ) somewhere I had a feeling that I needed some relationship balancing.

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F*$k Rich, Let’s All Be Wealthy

Unlock Wealth

This is how I see wealth...

Wealth = the ability to fulfill needs now + in the future

It's got nothing to do with being rich...

Being wealthy isn't about what we have, but about who we think we are. It's about feeling free to fully experience life. In creating the freedom to be the best me, I am unlocking my ability to be wealthy, and to make money. I believe that we increase our wealth by recognizing our individual talents and intelligences. This cultivation of our talents and intelligences spirals outwards, increasing the stock of human capital, and helping humanity. As we grow more wealthy, so does our world.

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