Stephanie Hamilton: March 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Stephanie Hamilton

Stephanie Hamilton
Pure Essence Photographer
Sweet Nektar
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I am:

a seeker of the truth, storyteller extraordinaire, obsessed with images that “really speak”, and a facilitator to helping you “Find Your Nektar”!!

My passion is for:

connecting, sharing, breathing, and living what I love doing… then finding a way to bring that “light” out in other people. Images and words combine in the complex tapestry of life and give me clarity in the vision I hold both for myself and to pave the way for others.

My business helps you:

connect to your inner light, see things from a fresh perspec-tive, learn to LOVE yourself, and navigate your “soul map”. Dig deeper and you will find a force to be reckoned with within yourself! The incredibly unique images and “stories” I create for you are something you will treasure forever.

My biggest challenge is:

explaining what I do with clarity!! The “Find Your Nektar” concept is very unique in that NEVER has photography been pursued from this unique angle. I also find it incredibly challenging to pull all of the concepts of my brand into one cohesive summary as it is expanding and changing so rapidly!!!

I make a difference by:

following MY inner light, listening to my own voice, speaking the truth, kicking doubt to the curb, and never giving up. Sharing my experiences, even when they may be incredibly painful in order that I might help myself and someone else to heal.

I have lots of ideas about:

anything and everything!! I am tapped into the creative Universal download (filled with gratitude!!) and am currently developing new concepts in Photography (healing based), soul mapping (visionary stuff…more to be revealed at a later date!), and an online healing portal.

I’ve learned:

my best qualities can also be my downfalls if I am not careful to find the balance in life! I’ve learned to love myself in all my vulnerability, and imperfections. Judge and be judged…
I am worth so much more than I ever gave myself cred-it for, and so are YOU!! Every moment that passes is anoth-er opportunity lurking, waiting to be acted upon. Love where you’re at….no matter where, when, or how….you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be at any given time!!

“Go and find your quiet place, and in that space, you will find your SYMPHONY” ~ Nektarism

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Stephanie Hamilton: March 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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