Marney Makridakis: April 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Marney Makridakis

Marney Makridakis
Author of Creating Time & Founding Flower Child of
Artella Land
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I am:

The founding flower child of, creator of the ARTbundance™ approach of self-discovery through creativity, author of Creating Time, and mom to a wise and wildly colorful three-year-old boy.

My passion is for:

Switching on creative light bulbs within people, so that we all may light up the world with our own unique spark.

My business helps you:

Catalyze unawakened inklings and inspirations to come alive and passionately thrive.

The Creative Isles of Artella Land pro-vide a map to your creative dreams. The ARTbundance Certification Training (ACT) offers comprehensive training and turn-key business building materials for using the ARTbundance™ approach in a variety of professional venues, including creativity coaching, leading workshops, public speaking, teaching, and creating online learning environments. And my newly-released book, Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life (New World Library, April 2012) uses the ARTbundance approach to introduce readers to a new creative experience of time.

My biggest challenge is:

Fitting my gratitude, love, and sense of aliveness in the one little heart I’ve been given. :-) What a life this is!

I make a difference by:

Introducing unusual creative tools to prompt new shifts in thinking and action, and reshaping old beliefs that limit us from living the lives we were born to live. When we “think about” a problem or issue, it stays cozy and safe in our minds, and this is why we get stuck. When we boldly add the element of creativity to the transformation process, we amazingly dig deeper and quickly unlock new solutions. It’s really magical to witness.

I have lots of ideas about:

Many, many things :-) but these days I’ve focused most of my attention on the human ability to reinvent time, which is the subject of Creating Time.

There is amazing power held by each of us to imagine, create, and completely reshape the way we experience everything…even something as elusive as “time”. For too long we have been servants of time when in fact, time that can and should serve us. The best news is we don’t have to remain shackled to all that. My main intent for the book in fact was to show how we can finally drop all the archaic views and limitations of time that have held us back from fully embracing the wild beautiful truth: time is not a defined line; it is instead a vibrant, completely moldable, layered, multi-faceted work of art that is in your hands to create and design, each and every day.

I’ve learned:

When we are not slaves to time, when we are not chasing it and wishing time was different, we finally set our souls free to live the lives we’re meant to live. We enter into a new realm of possibility, partnering with time to create a life filled with awareness and fullness, instead of an inherent sense of lack, worry and frustration. Believe it or not, time is in your hands, and you can mold, craft, and create your relationship with time to be just about anything you would like it to be. I’m learning more and more that this model – seeing time as a partner to work with, instead of against – can be replicated in most any challenging situation.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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Marney Makridakis: April 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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