Jac McNeil: May 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Jac McNeil

Jac McNeil
truth + transformation for women solopreneurs
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I am:

A certified Co-Active Coach & Mentor for women solopreneurs. But, my clients experience me as a Clarity Catalyst, an Intuitive Strategist, and a Loving Hard-ass–and their personal Business-Building Secret Sauce.

My passion is for:

Transformation. Self-awareness. Movie night with my family. Conversations that are 17 layers deeper than “How’s the weather?”

My business helps you:

Transform your relationship with your business.
Become your own wise catalyst for change.
Reveal the full picture of your business, that deep, illuminating reflection of you.
Heighten your impact.

My biggest challenge is:

Writing regular blog posts. It’s like flossing: I know I should, I feel better when I do, but sometimes, I just don’t wanna.

I make a difference by:

Holding my clients bigger than they hold themselves– until the moment when they rise into that bigness and make it home then, my work is done.

I have lots of ideas about:

Solopreneurship; seeing the connections between seemingly unrelated things; getting to the truth; creating wholeness in your life and business; and dance moves that should work, but don’t {that’s another story and a few beers later.}

I’ve learned:

I’m worthy. To show-up. One small shift in perspective can change everything. There’s nothing more powerful than the love a mama has for her babies.

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see further.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

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Jac McNeil: May 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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