Dr. Mark Pirtle: July 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Mark Pirtle

Dr. Mark Pirtle
Skillful Awareness Health Educator
Skillfully Aware
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I am:

I am a freelance health educator—a trans-disciplinary translator. I blend cutting-edge science with proven, easy to learn, and fun to practice, meditation techniques. The combination of which forms a comprehensive and novel recovery model for Cultural Creatives.

My passion is for:

teaching people the science and practice of self-change and healing.

My business helps you:

understand how stress can make you sick, and alternately, how skillful awareness leads to change and healing.

My biggest challenge is:

(and it is my biggest opportunity) is the mindset that views people and illnesses as nouns (things), when in reality, they are more like verbs (a mass of flowing actions).

I make a difference by:

teaching people how to see the “verbs” (triggers, thoughts, sensations) flowing in their lives. Overtime, watching the verbs, changes the flow. And that’s how change and healing can happen.

I have lots of ideas about:

consciousness, and what goes through consciousness, and how to alter what goes through consciousness, which changes a person’s conscious experience.

I’ve learned:

that consciousness itself is not the problem. Rather, it’s the solution. It’s peace. Problems, on the other hand, seem to pass through consciousness. When I practice resting in the still, peaceful, quiet space of consciousness, I don’t suffer. When I forget, and fixate on disturbances in consciousness, I do.

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Dr. Mark Pirtle: July 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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