Mindy Crary: November 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Mindy Crary

Mindy Crary
Money Coach
Creative Money
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I am:

a money innovator and advocate for people who want consciousness around wealth building without allowing it to take over their lives.

My passion is for:

helping people see the possibility in their lives and let go of the fear that prevents them from moving forward.

My business helps you:

become more financially aware without letting it take over your life, and helps you understand how everything in your life affects your money.

My biggest challenge is:

remembering that I am never “done,” and that I am never meant to be seen as “perfect.” My imperfection is my gift.

I make a difference by:

showing people that they can have good financial lives—and financial peace—regardless of where their finances are currently at.

I have lots of ideas about:

how to get people to think about their money who typically don’t want to think about their money.

I’ve learned:

that how you think about money always affects MORE than just your money.

“It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.” – Sheryl Crow

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Mindy Crary: November 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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