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Arn (Zingdad) Allingham: April 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight


Arn (Zingdad) Allingham Dreamer, author, healer, and tea boy Zingdad.com

I am:

The other you.

Beyond that I am an awakening soul working hard to remember who I REALLY am. And as I do so, so I discover, I cannot help but to also assist others around me to awaken and remember who THEY really are too! I write, I share and engage.

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Another Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

my poiny of view

My point-of-view matters.

Who am I?
Why am I here? These questions matter to my personal brand. The answers not so much. It's not really about them. My value lies in the asking, in the questions.

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