Arn (Zingdad) Allingham: April 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight


Arn (Zingdad) Allingham
Dreamer, author, healer, and tea boy

I am:

The other you.

Beyond that I am an awakening soul working hard to remember who I REALLY am. And as I do so, so I discover, I cannot help but to also assist others around me to awaken and remember who THEY really are too! I write, I share and engage. I offer healing. And I live the most blissful self-sustainable life in an off-the-grid home in a beautiful mountainous forest in sunny South Africa.

My passion is for:

Reminding those who are ready to remember of who they really are: an eternal, immortal creator being of infinite power!

My business helps you:

What I do is centered around helping you to discover exactly that: that you are indeed an eternal, immortal creator being of infinite power. I do this by helping you to deal with your fears, pain and self-limiting beliefs so that you are willing to awaken to the magnificence of your own being. I walk the journey with you as you discover that this is really true. I help you to heal, to awaken, to be all that you truly are.

My biggest challenge is:

I am, as I have mentioned, the “other you”. I am a human being with human frailties to overcome. It is poetic that my biggest challenge is believing in MY magnificence, is it not? They say we teach that which we most desire to learn!

I make a difference by:

I have written and published a book called The Ascension Papers. The intention of this book was to help readers to make their way from victim to creator. The over-abundant volume of feedback I have received is that it does exactly that! I am busy writing my second book now.

I also have an “ascension school” which is about creating a real-life hands-on journey that you can engage with as you seek to discover, in your own personal experience, that you are one with the Oneness and the creator of your own life.

Beyond that I offer a one-on-one healing modality called Soul Re-Integration in which I assist clients to heal their inner-pain and discover and release ancient trauma. It is a deeply transformative journey.

I have lots of ideas about:

Connecting, healing, being an agent of love and helping without rescuing. Oneness. Discovering and living your potential.

I’ve learned:

The single greatest truth I have discovered is that All is truly One. We are all, really, one with each other, one with the planet and one with Life. We are all creating our own experiences. Mostly we don’t know this and mostly we are hard at work confounding ourselves by creating what we DON’T want. But that can be corrected! If we are willing to heal our own inner-pain and release the blockages in our souls then we all can (and will) find our way to creating with beauty love and joy. Fear and pain have their place… but they are optional! And because All is One, what you do to another you do to yourself also. It is possible, with a little work and awareness, to move your life to a place where you are only expressing that which is most congruent with your Soul’s Purpose. When you do you will be putting out awesome magnificent stuff 24/7. And Life will feed that back to you multiplied. It is not just possible but inevitable. Follow your heart and you will get there. And if you are stuck, come and find me on my website… I might be able to help!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Arn (Zingdad) Allingham: April 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight

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