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Jesse Barger: June 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight


Jesse Barger
Home Medical Equipment Provider & Advisor
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I am:

An insufferably curious recovering conformist.

My passion is for:

Establishing a lifestyle for my family and I which intertwines seamlessly between business, charity, family time, & adventurous endeavors.

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Love and Esteem

loveesteem What if these two things were created equal? What if wealth, beauty and status mattered as much as compassion, respect, care and value? How would that change things? What if my self-esteem (my view of wealth, beauty and status) was equal to my self-love (my view of compassion, respect, care and value)? What if I focused on respecting my feelings (compassion), setting my boundaries (respect), ensuring my wellness (care) and cultivating my gifts (value)? Would I find that my power (beauty, wealth and status) had grown as a result?

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Leaving Commentary

Commentary A wise woman asked me recently after I received a hate-full comment on my blog if I would stand in front of an arena of people and sincerely ask for them to tell me what they think of my outfit, or better yet, my self. My answer was no. Absolutely not. I would not do that. The opinions of total strangers are not something I want or value. Next, she asked me if I would stand in front of a group of people I respected and ask them what they think. My answer was yes. Absolutely I would. The feedback of people I respect, and that respect me, is something I value very much.

No place for commentary in my world.

Feedback, to me, is thoughtful communication intended to support my growth and improvement. It helps me close the circle. It's love-full.

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