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Ebele Mogo: Innerpreneur Spotlight

Ebele Mogo

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I am:

a dreamer girl who laughs a lot, asks too many questions, has a curious case of wanderlust and loves to get people together to get amazing things done.

My passion is for:

sharing ideas, connecting deeply, and the growth and expression of myself and everyone around me.

My business helps you:

Engage Africa Foundation was in response to my frustration that no one was talking about how chronic diseases are poised to be the leading cause of death in Africa. It helps you to be a part of the solution, to explore your gifts, and to gain experience.

Street-Side Convos is a new space for people with entrepreneurial ideas get to peek into the journey of others like themselves and hopefully know they already have what it takes to use their heart, creativity and ‘different-ness’ to make the world a better place.

I have other businesses too. Others are online products, and an organic herbal tea business (Eby’s Tea Africana). I and my father (Uche Mogo) found that the ‘zobo’ plant is great for fighting chronic diseases and boosting immunity so we have a business and a factory run mostly with solar energy in Lagos, Nigeria to reduce unemployment, build the economy sustainably, and to contribute to healthier lifestyles in Nigeria.

I am also in the business of playing with words too. My poetry tries to make words of the spaces in my own soul and hopefully draw others into theirs.

My biggest challenge is:

Finding the best way to bring all the aspects of myself together without overthinking things. I’m still figuring out my vocation. Sometimes I feel like a cat chasing a laser pointer and it overwhelms me – see here:

I make a difference by:

Being myself.

I have lots of ideas about:

solving problems, making things better, stories, helping people around me achieve their dreams.

I’ve learned:

That any pursuit that is worthwhile has to bring us face to face with ourselves. And not to be afraid of that.

A favourite quote of mine:

Criticize by creating. – Michelangelo

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Ebele Mogo: Innerpreneur Spotlight

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