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I see now this space, this blog, was originally created by me as a place where I could feel free to express myself, perhaps for the first time since I was a young child. A space that is sacred to me, it has brought me much joy as my life has unfolded and transformed over the past eight years since I created it. What began for me as a vision of working for myself and of having the space to write, has grown and transformed into where I find myself today. I'm similar, yet completely different. ...

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Sharing the Responsibility of Not Setting Prices

Recently, there was an interesting experiment conducted in not setting prices and charitable giving, by UC San Diego Rady School of Management and Disney Research. Conducting their experiment at a popular roller coaster, using post-roller coaster action photos as the item to be valued, they found not setting prices to be a viable pricing strategy and social responsibility strategy for companies--when the customer’s willingness to give is stimulated. While the study focuses on stimul...

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An Economy of Scarcity?

Economic theory is based on the assumption of scarcity - why is that? Aren’t we, collectively, always creating and printing more money? It's not a limited resource, so why do we use it like it is? We can't run out of it. It's not clean water. Or pandas. We make it, and we can always make more of it. So why should we believe and act like it's going to run out? I make a conscious choice to live in a world of abundance, not scarcity. And that includes money. In Paying What It's ...

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A Middle Way | Pay What It's Worth

A Middle Way

It appears that there are only two paths. To think of YOU or to think of ME. One, I give with my heart too wide; the other, with my heart too closed. There is a middle way. A place in between. A place where my heart is open, and it is protected. A place where I can be free to give, and to receive, the value I add to this world. There is a middle way.

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Asking For Support

I've heard it before. Maybe you have too. I've heard that in order to truly thrive, as a business owner, and as as human, I need to learn to ask for what I need. I need to ask for support. I've heard it before, and I'll hear it again. And I'll keep on hearing it because it's true. And because it's a lesson I need to learn. I need others in order to thrive. I can't do it alone. We can't do it alone. I need your help. And you need mine. However we choose to offer ...

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