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Something Greater Than We Could Create Alone

When we unite with another, we create something greater than we could create alone. Coming together, we increase the talents and efforts we have available to create something meaningful. From business to friendship to romantic relationships, partnering with another can be a powerful tool for growth. Everyone in our life is a mirror reflecting back the parts we love and dislike about ourselves. Partnering with another, we face our reflections. And it takes courage and awareness to look at ...

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So good at the act that you forget what's true. So good at pretending that the unreal becomes real. What you feel is under your control. You can simply act it away. A mask of neutrality. Leads you to believe you might actually feel it. You can ignore your feelings. You can act forever. Yet at some point, the inevitable curtain comes down, and the performance ends. You are left with you; and the feelings you're pretending aren't there. If only for a moment. ...

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Emotional Littering

Emotional littering is when I attempt to alleviate my own overwhelming emotions by disposing of them elsewhere, when I inherently know they're mine to be responsible to. In those moments, I don't want to own what I'm feeling and how I'm reacting to it. Instead, I'm trying to drop my responsibility into another's backyard. To put it on them. I'm not making space for my stuff, and I'm attempting to alleviate this by leaving it for someone else to take care of. I'm pretending to not be ...

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The Art of the Ask

Value-For-Value Pay What You Want Pay What You Value Gift Economy Pay What It's Worth Collections of words. Collections of words that intend something similar, and yet different. They all describe a concept. That you trust your customers to determine the value they receive from your work, and to give accordingly. You can describe this concept, and your belief in it in many ways. Value-For-Value Pay What You Want Pay What You Value Gift Economy Pay What It's Worth The words ...

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Hello 2014!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you've had a restful and lovely holidays. I love the potential of this time of year, an old year ending and new one starting. Being a naturally introspective person, and combining that with a cultural attachment to reviewing the year that has passed, I've often found I'm pressuring myself as the calendar year comes to a close to UNDERSTAND something about the time that has passed. This year I decided to let that go. My attachment to UNDERSTANDing. I ...

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