2 posts from day 10/07/2008

Watch the Earth Gasping for Breath

It is only a simulation but a hypnotic one at that. Breathing Earth displays the C02 emissions of every country on earth, as well as their death and birth rates, all in real time. It is hypnotic because it is purely visual, it is almost like you can see the earth struggling to breathe.

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I’m Becoming More Social

I dislike FaceBook Being someone who works in online marketing and whose job is to stay on top of internet trends, you'd think that I would love social media and all that it has to offer. In reality, I have less of an interest in using it than the average person my age (I am the ripe old age of 26). Now that I think of it, it isn't all social media that I snicker at, it is social networking sites. FaceBook is my prime enemy. I love some social media I see the value in writing a blog (both ...

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