Business from the inside out

I’ve been writing this blog for more than 10 years now (est. 2008) and it seems there are enough posts on it to fill a book or two. To support you in finding the material you need, I’ve highlighted what I feel are the best articles on Innerpreneurship, Cultural Creativity, Pay What It’s Worth Pricing, Consciousness, and Personal + Business Development.


Are You An Innerpreneur?

Innerpreneurship and the Bigger Movement Afoot

The Forms of -preneurship and Your Personal Brand

Marketing to Innerpreneurs and Cultural Creatives

Economics for the Innerpreneur

15 Fascinating Facts About Innerpreneurs

How Do You Define the Achievement of Success?

What Being an Innerpreneur Means to Me (and Only Me)



Are You a Cultural Creative?

How We Got Here: Becoming a Cultural Creative

The Truth About Our Darkness

You’re Drowning in a Sea of People

Who Defines My Needs?

The Words that Connect Us

A (Creative) Culture in Motion

My Brain is Abuzz with Our Changing Minds



Get Paid Your Value, Not Your Price

A Pricing Approach to Raise Your Consciousness

“Pay What It’s Worth” is NOT “Pay What You Can”

Takers Gonna Take

What Are You Asking For?

Discovering the Meaning of Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

F*$k Rich, Let’s All Be Wealthy

Exploring Our Money Shadow



How Culture and Consciousness Intertwine

What and Why We Buy

The Doors of Perception

Everything Has the Same Value

The Magic of 3’s

The Power of Relationships

More Complex Than a Story Can Tell

Faux Restraints (or Why the Elephants Don’t Lose Their Shit and Break Free)



Don’t Take My Advice

The Moments of Regret

The Perfection of Imperfection

Walking the Tightrope

It’s Not What Happens, It’s How You Handle It

A Theory on Growing Up