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I live in Peterborough, Canada with my pioneering and waste-loving husband, my hilariously self-assured Kindergarten-age daughter, and my troublesome canine son. I love to spend time with them, to enjoy a good americano, to take long walks, and to observe the less obvious things within us and around us. I am amazed watching my daughter grow into herself each day changing ever so slightly, growing ever so magnificently.

And I’m fascinated and repelled by the things humans do, the ways we can be, all the stuff we can not bare to look at about ourselves, all that makes us so messy, and nasty, and beautiful. I am so stunned and delighted and crushed and pervasively moved by what we are exposed to. I strive through my writing to tap this point of reference for (hopefully) a greater purpose.

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My Words So Far…

Pay What It's Worth by Tara Joyce

Pay What It’s Worth:
You Don’t Need to Set a Price on Value

What if the customer determined the price they pay, rather than the business, based upon the value they receive? How might that change things?

Cross My Heart:
Strange Adventures in Vancouver

Join the strange adventure of two world explorers bringing to light the beauty of the dark. In their first trip together, the reluctant duo travel to Vancouver, Canada to meet a man who has the power to seemingly change people’s lives.

Cross My Heart: Strange Adventures on Big Island

Cross My Heart: Strange Adventures on Big Island

In their second trip together, the world explorers travel to Big Island, Hawaii while being visited by the same eerie man in each of their dreams.


Where I've Been

In mid-2008, I began writing about Cultural Creativity and Innerpreneurship, and as I evolved, I experimented with my relationship with money and with value through a pricing approach I call Pay What It’s Worth. That lead me to write an ebook on the topic, which lead many years later me to publishing Pay What It’s Worth: You Don’t Need to Set a Price on Value from Integral Publishers.

I released my first fiction story-soon-to-be-series, Cross My Heart: Strange Adventures in Vancouver, just before I gave birth to my daughter, Stella, in late 2017. I will be working on the next story installment soon, in the meantime if you’re into the strange and peculiar, read here.

Where I am

Right now, I’m very content with my focus being on Stella, my 3 year old daughter, and being the best mum I can be for her. This means I make space for my writing when I’m not caring for her full-time, and I make space for my other passions by including her in them, and by working on them when she is sleeping. Time passes quickly when you have a young child, and it’s important to me to be fully present for this extraordinary stage of her life.

Where I'm Going

I’m very excited for all that’s growing in my writing world. My forthcoming first book, Pay What It’s Worth will be published soon, and I am happily jotting down children’s poems, inspired by my life with Stella.

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“Pay What It’s Worth” will cause you to re-evaluate your understanding of business, money, and value.

– Keith Witt, Ph.D.

Author of Loving Completely, Shadow Light, and The Gift of Shame

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Pay What It's Worth, Beyond the Book • Online

Join author Tara Joyce (BBA ’04) and Globe and Mail Changemaker Award winner Sara Bingham, associate director of Laurier’s Women Entrepreneurship Centre ​for a fireside chat as we take the conversation on Pay What It’s Worth Beyond the Book to discuss entrepreneurship, the understanding of business, money and value; setting prices or not!