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Bite-Sized Wisdom: Free PhilosopherNotes Download

I've been a bit naughty this holidays. I meant to write last week and I didn't. I just couldn't tear myself away from my family. So I've been a bit AWOL. My apologies. As a olive branch, I'm offering all my readers a FREE subscription to the Top 25 PhilosophersNotes titles.

Free Subscription to the Top 25 PhilosopherNotes Titles

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Slowing Down for the Holidays

[The Giving Tree]  @ Tallulah's CafeCreative Commons Licensephoto credit: Torley Okay truth is, I've already slowed down. I only posted once last week and I'll continue to do so until the New Year. I'm sorry I am so delayed in informing you of my holiday dawdling. For my family, December holds a whole host of celebrations. It is my only brother's birthday, my father's birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas.

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How Culture and Consciousness Intertwine

When it comes to consciousness, there are really two forms that exist, absolute consciousness and relative consciousness.

What is Absolute Consciousness

Absolute consciousness is your moment to moment awareness of everything in the world. I am aware of the computer screen in front of me and the Mulder and Scully Barbie dolls smiling down at me from their shrine on my shelf. I am aware of the snow falling on my skylight and the wind rustling my window panes. All of these things are arising in my pure or absolute awareness.

What is Relative Consciousness

Relative consciousness is how each of us interpret that absolute experience of consciousness.

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Black & White Thinking

My Question

I posed this question on Twitter a few days ago:

Wondering why many of us think there are only 2 ways to do things. The right way and the wrong way. When has anything ever been that simple?

Bright/Dark Field Lighting Creative Commons License photo credit: Kyle May

The Reason I Asked It

I asked this because I was tired of the drone of experts on Twitter. Don't get me wrong, the medium has great value to meet interesting people but unfortunately your tweet stream can often be full of people pimping their ideas. And their common strategy to garner attention and business is to spout a black or white advice.

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau Writer & Non-Conformist The Art of Non-Conformity Follow Chris on Twitter

I am:

a writer, world traveler, solopreneur, and professional nonconformist.

My passion is for:

challenging authority and living a life of gratitude.

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