1 post from day 15/02/2009

Wake Up! Move Your Heart From Your Chest, To Your Mouth, and Into the World!

Written & Contributed by Bill Boulton of The Speaking Husky

"I have faced it, a life wasted and I'm never going back again." - Pearl Jam

I wasted a few decades of my life.I was sleep walking. Here's why—I was afraid of what “they” might think. It was as if I were on an assembly line where some skilled mechanics had installed my lower body, and then the skilled mechanics bolted my upper body in place. Next, the expert mechanics put "what they thought" into my brain, and the fear of what “they might think,” if I went against what “they wanted me to do.” In the words of the Saints and poets of many cultures and creeds, I needed to “wake up.” To the possible horror of a Saint or 83, I “woke up” at a Doors Of The 21st Century concert. When my blog launches, I will tell you the full story, and no… I was not on any drugs, legal or illegal. :)

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