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The Video: My First Presentation on Innerpreneurs

The Scene:

Anxious 74/365 A small auditorium of 100 business men and women in a business park outside Lisbon. Most are Portuguese entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. I am on the Entrepreneurship panel with three other speakers. A mayor passionate about sustainability from Ericeira, Portugal and two bio-technology innovators.

The Speech:

I was more dynamic live, where you could see my slides too. They really drove the presentation. And it distracted the viewer from my nervous rambling. My intention was to highlight why people (specifically the business community) should care about innerpreneurs.

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Innerpreneur Spotlight: Maryline Pereira

july innerpreneur spotlight Maryline Pereira

Maryline Pereira Magazine Owner INsight Magazine (on female entrepreneurship) Follow Maryline on Twitter

I am:

it is always better when other people talk about you, than you, but I’ll try to do my best… what am I? A very curious person, who likes to know people and their life, their options, who they are, because I think that by knowing others in someway, I can find pieces of me and I can know myself better. I am a very determined and persistent person who never gives up.

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Being Spiritual in a Religious World

Parzival - Returning from the other Side (Matrix) I don't practice a religion, unless you consider Christmas a religion. I was baptized Anglican but as soon as I could make my own decisions, I determined Christianity was not for me. I've never liked being told what and how to think about things. And God is a big one. Flash forward 10+ years later and I find myself madly in love with a Jewish man. We love each other passionately but we are told that it can't work, it won't work and that our life together will be too hard.

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