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Let’s Not Form a Cult

Culte on Flickr [tweetmeme]

The cult of 'creativity'.

I’ve had an issue with the word ‘creativity’ for a long time now. It intimidates me. I feel like ‘creativity’ is put up on a pedestal. You've either 'got it' or you don't. I take issue with the message that some of us are truly creative, but that most of us aren't.

‘Creativity’ kinda has an attitude.

The stigma around 'creativity' leads many of us to feel like we never create anything, for we feel we don't emulate the high ideals of what 'creativity' is. We don't see our creations as tour de forces, and we don't think our talent is otherworldly, so we end up seeing ourselves as somehow less than creative. I know I did for most of my life.

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