Borrowing Money

Borrowing Money

I’m in debt. And I have been for most of my adult life.

I see debt as means to an end.

There was a brief point in my life when I managed to pay off my first round of debt – this one due to attending university and post-graduate school. But my next round of debt started soon after, when I decided to leave my job and travel for half a year with my now-husband-then-boyfriend. And, subsequently, start a business with the money.

I never think that money is an excuse for me not do something. I see debt as access to possibilities beyond my external reach. I see credit cards and debt as a real gift in our culture. It gives people access to create money for them Self. It allows us the freedom to make the right choices for our Self and add to our wealth. A not every person is afforded that choice.

I know many people abuse it’s power, but that doesn’t mean I have to. I choose to appreciate debt for the opportunity it is and mange it mindfully.

photo credit: Lou Rouge