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Mapping the Results of Giving Freely

Tara's Pay-What-It's-Worth Pricing mind map

If I Am Ever Going to Support Something...

Perhaps you've noticed, but I don't really do endorsements here. I just can't get behind a person, a place or a thing that I haven't experienced directly, and derived value from. How could I assure you of the value of something or someone I've never actually worked with? I can't. So I won't. And I haven't. This decision is despite 'information' otherwise insinuating that one could grow rich and buy a yacht if only they had some affiliate advertising on their site. I love money, I do, but my focus is on value. And I will not support things just because I can profit from them. I am committed to associating with excellence, in every facet of everything I do. I can not ignore the cost to my business of promoting the mediocre, and not really helping people. It is not worth compromising my most prized asset, my integrity.

This is Me Supporting Something... and Why

Two weeks ago, Mark Dykeman of Thoughtwrestling offered me a free review copy of his ebook on mind mapping.

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