2 posts from day 16/11/2010

Road Trip

Pause I'm leaving in 20 min to fly to LA to spend 3 weeks driving up and down the Baja California peninsula with my husband. I will write again if I can but if I can't, I wish you the best while I take this pause...

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Happy Birthday to Me!: November 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Tara's 29 today! It's my 29th birthday today and in celebration I thought I would shine the Innerpreneur Spotlight on myself.

Tara Joyce Writer, Strategy + Design Coach, Innerpreneur Elastic Mind Follow Tara on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

curious about the world. I adore exploring culture and how personal development and enterprise creates positive social change.

My passion is for:

passion and meaning. And what that means to you as a unique individual. And what it could change in your Self and your world if you were to explore it.

My business helps you:

define and design your business identity and create an authentic online experience to support and grow it.

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