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Joanne Verkuilen: February 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Joanne Verkuilen

Joanne Verkuilen Founder and Co-CEO Circle + Bloom Follow Joanne on Twitter

I am:

convinced that our body has more intelligence than we think, and that supercharging our health and well-being is a matter of learning how to put our minds in the driver’s seat of the body.

My passion is for:

creating life-changing, yet elegantly simple programs to help women power through their own health-challenges to reach not a place where they began, but a place where they have obtained a deeper understanding of their bodies and themselves.

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What the Heck is Strategic Communication?

Do You Know the Difference between Marketing? vs. Advertising? vs. Branding? vs. Public Relations?

I often find it very hard to clearly differentiate the various forms of strategic communications that a person, a business and/or a brand can use. A while back I shared an analogy explaining the differences between marketing, advertising and public relations. Today, I've expanded on the analogy with visual comics.

Getting a Date Using Strategic Communication

What the heck is Marketing

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Questioning the Value of Getting Things Cheap

Balance Why is it a good thing to pay less than something is worth? Why do we buy the story that happiness results from underpaying for something? Often we can be so far removed from a product's creation that it's hard for us to understand the value of the thing we are buying. But, when we have first-hand evidence of the love, time and energy put into creating something, why would it feel good for us to undervalue it? How do you feel when your time, energy or love is undervalued?

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