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Dawn Trautman: April 2011 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Dawn Trautman, Life Coach

Dawn Trautman Urban Nomad, Life Coach and Actress www.DawnTrautman.com Follow Dawn on Twitter | Become Dawn's Fan on Facebook

I am:

A Collector of Experiences
  • I am an Urban Nomad, living and working with no permanent home.
  • I am a certified life coach with two masters degrees, serving clients via blog, telephone sessions and online interactive e-courses.
  • I am a professional actress, performing in live musicals all over the United States.

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How Will I Know When I Get to Perfect?

Perfection Not Trying to be good enough for Them, I've created an image of perfection, that I do not fit. Not being perfect, I reject myself. Getting older, I see that perfect is no longer about being good enough for Them -- it's about being good enough for my Self.

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