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“Pay What It’s Worth” is Not “Pay What You Can”

hand out of wall As a practitioner of Pay-What-It's-Worth pricing, in my mind, there are big differences in asking a client to pay-what-they-can, and asking a client to pay-what-it's-worth. They communicate very different things about your brand. Care to explore them with me?

Exploring Pay-What-You-Can Pricing and What it Communicates

As a business owner, communicating that others are free to Pay-What-They-Can for your work positions you as willing to sell your work in charity. (You may want to consider at this point whether your business, or your clients, are, in fact, a charity.) In most cases neither party is a charity, so what you are truly communicating is that it's okay for a client to pay whatever they *think* they can, and that you are open and lenient to allowing others to value your work at less than it's worth, so long as the person deems they need it. Now this is only my opinion, but I feel if you are responsible enough to identify a need and seek a solution for it, than you are also responsible enough to find the means for fulfilling that need - i.e., if you want it, you need to find a way to get it.

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