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Asking My Mentor About… Making Time

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

This is the fourth installment of Christine and my monthly Peer-to-Peer Mentoring series. On her blog, I answered her question:

"What methods do you have in place or have made use of that allow you to obtain objective feedback on your web-design to be sure you're reaching your target markets? Do you have anybody who specifically markets in your field or perhaps an un-biased colleague who helps 'test' your site to be sure that they would 'buy'? Please share how you research and refine this topic in your work."

My Question to My Mentor:

"You're a multi-talented lady, and I fancy myself the same. You're baking a number of very interesting pies at the moment. How do you ensure each pie (i.e., each interest/passion/business/avenue of expression) gets adequate attention? How do you make the time for everything you do and still do your best? I am in a constant struggle with making more time for my writing… and, less imperatively, my cross-stitching, and I want to learn from your ability to manage multiple interests."

Christine's Answer:

Creating Yourself Great question, one I’m constantly re-visiting in my own work! But wait, you didn’t get an intern yet so you can go out joy-riding? Just kidding... Entrepreneurship is about transformation, flexibility and openness to try new things. Multi-talented business persons are great at creating activities and projects, but sometimes develop a tendency to become over-committed. Despite this, as talented as you are at creating projects, so are you smart enough to create time for your cross-stitching my multi-talented friend!

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