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Michelle Nickolaisen: February 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Michelle Nickolaisen

Michelle Nickolaisen Writer & Project Wrangler Let's Radiate Follow Michelle on Twitter | Fan Let's Radiate on Facebook

I am:

a writer, a project wrangler, & a notebook collector.

My passion is for:

too many things to list - tea, writing, creating new things, helping people.

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Pay-What-It’s-Worth Pricing: Just the Facts, Ma’am


Here are some basic findings on using a Pay-What-It's-Worth pricing system from the research paper Pay What You Like by J Fernandez and B Nahata:


If a buyer feels that a product or service provides a positive value, they will never 'free ride' and not pay anything.


Under certain conditions Pay-What-It's-Worth can provide a larger profit than uniform pricing. A business that can best benefit from PWIW is:

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The Game of Money?

GenerosityI like to think about money as an idea in the form of 'credit'. To get in the money game, I need to build up my 'credit'. I build 'credit' with others, but more importantly, I build 'credit' with myself. I receive 'credit' for how I hold myself up mentally. When I hold myself as limited in any way, it restricts my availability to 'credit'. I end up not sharing my gifts, and being undervalued in my relationships. When I practice confidence in my Self, and not put limits on my wealth, I free the 'credit' to flow.

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