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exploring brand Me

exploring brand me I'm excited to announce that I've created something for You! exploring brand Me. It's a fun and probing personal branding exercise supporting you in discovering and communicating the essence of You and Your Brand. I love using this simple and effective awareness tool with my branding clients, and it occurred to me that it would be valuable as workbook for you to experience. I hope you find the exploration expanding! made with love, TJSignature

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Alex Hughes: August 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Alex Hughes | In Essence Coaching

Alex Hughes Mindful Mama Coach In Essence Coaching Find Alex on Twitter | Facebook

I am:

a mindful Mama, authentic author and passionate coach for mama entrepreneurs.

My passion is for:

supporting Mamas to find, trust and love themselves, and to live their vision of a free, flexible, abundant and balanced life; a life that supports their joyful and mindful connection to their children. (I am passionate about walking my talk and doing the above myself.)

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Doing the Impossible

Impossible It's so easy to find people who will tell you something is impossible, when truly very little actually is. Out of fear, we set limitations on ourselves and our lives, we keep ourselves small, and unwittingly we project these limitations onto the world around us. We need to in order to keep our story of the impossible going. We need to believe that if it's not possible for us, it's not possible for you either.

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Rights I Sometimes Feel Wrong About

Wrong A list of things that I am learning to not feel wrong about... as they are my right, as an individual:
  1. My right to chose when and how I interact with people.
  2. My right to chose what motivates me.
  3. My right to care... or not.
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