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Never Forget Me

Do you believe that if you don't remind people of the fact that you exist, they will forget you? Do you see yourself, and your work, as forgettable? I don't. I believe in being unforgettable. And I believe you are. I believe that we are encouraged to feel that we are forgettable for the benefit of some. For when we feel forgettable, we feel fearful. And that fear drives us to buy, and to seek out people who say they know better than we do. We want to believe they are the ...

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Ebele Mogo

Ebele Mogo: Innerpreneur Spotlight

EBELE MOGO PRESIDENT of ENGAGE AFRICA FOUNDATION find me on twitter / or email me I am: a dreamer girl who laughs a lot, asks too many questions, has a curious case of wanderlust and loves to get people together to get amazing things done. My passion is for: sharing ideas, connecting deeply, and the growth and expression of myself and everyone around me. My business helps you: Engage Africa Foundation was in response to my frustration that no one was talking about how chronic ...

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Spending Your Energy

Look around you. Where, and with whom, are you spending your Energy? Do you feel like your spending it wisely? If not, it could literally be the reason why you are having issues with money. For money, too, is an Energy. Reflecting on your "money situation" does it mirror back important information about how you spend your Energy? What do your money spending habits reveal about your energy spending habits? A Fair Exchange. Is there anywhere that you are "spending" too ...

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Discovering the Meaning of Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

An Exciting Concept I learned about the concept of Pay What It's Worth pricing as a result of an email from a reader, Jay Cowan. He recommended I check out the book called Secrets of the Wealthy Mind, as it discussed the concept of Innerpreneurs. At the time (2009), there was only one book I knew that mentioned and identified Innerpreneurs as a group, and so I was fascinated. Jay also mentioned that the author, Phillip Dignan, had “an interesting way of selling it”, referring to ...

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315.365 i want:

The Want of Others

The wants of others used to matter to me. I thought somehow they were mine to fulfill. At some point I decided that while my wants didn't matter too much, other people's were of paramount importance. I convinced myself I was being caring, or helpful, or altruistic, or some other adjective that bathed me in a golden light, in giving what they wanted. I allowed other people's wants, and the fulfillment of them, to become my concern. And while I pretended to be okay with it, and ...

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