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Saskia Busch: March 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Saskia Busch

Saskia Busch Animal Communicator & Founder of Yap Yap Meow Find Yap Yap Meow on Facebook | Pinterest

I am:

An animal communicator, communicating from the heart and dedicated to providing practical, easy to use solutions to resolve issues.

My passion is for:

Anything that emits energy.

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I Just Don’t Know

Questions2 Does it make me less professional or less able if I don’t have THE answers? Is it so bad to "not know"? I know experts want to be seen as right — but I just want to see everything. I'm curious. I want to think beyond the answers spoon fed to me by others. I want to think beyond their attempts to assert their “knowing.”

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More Questions Than Answers

photo credit Macarena C. I've been told those who “know” things are experts, and that they can help me make the right choices. I've been taught that when I have a problem, an expert will have my solution. And I've been led to believe that, by asserting my own “knowing,” I can create evidence of my own professionalism and abilities – and be an expert too. To not know and to admit it, to be open and asking questions can feel wrong in the world of expertise. It can feel shameful to “not know”,

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