Hello 2014!

Hello 2014!

photo credit challiyan

Happy New Year to you! I hope you’ve had a restful and lovely holidays.

I love the potential of this time of year, an old year ending and new one starting.

Being a naturally introspective person, and combining that with a cultural attachment to reviewing the year that has passed, I’ve often found I’m pressuring myself as the calendar year comes to a close to UNDERSTAND something about the time that has passed.

This year I decided to let that go. My attachment to UNDERSTANDing. I let the year just be.

And when I did, I found myself naturally, on New Year’s Eve, seeing the year behind me. I saw a year where I had transformed my relationships.

If there was something for me to UNDERSTAND about 2013, it was about relationship. My relationship with …attachment …release …my mind …my heart …creating …criticism …sharing …authenticity …perspective …recognition …authority …shame …and so much more.

2013 taught me that when I allow myself to change my relationship with something, I allow myself to let go of something holding me back.

I suspect you may have learned something similar.

Now we find ourselves starting 2014, and we are more centred in our self, and in turn, our relationships. Our structures have been fortified.

I don’t dare to guess what 2014 holds for us. For I know whatever I do dream up will fall short of reality.

But I do dare to plan. To continue growing more into me. And the power and love of what I am creating in this world.

For 2014 and always, I wish the same for you.


photo credit: challiyan