3 posts from month 05/2014

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Co-Creating Communication

I've got this tendency in communication, maybe you have it too... I sometimes take on more responsibility than is rightfully mine. You see, I am good at communicating. It comes naturally. I like it and because of this, I sometimes take on the job of doing it, even when it's not mine to have. Sometimes, I take on the job of valuing your words and expressions when you are not. Sometimes, I choose an unequal exchange. An equal exchange But here's the thing, the truth about empowered ...

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A Choice to Create and a Choice to Share

Each day that I am blessed with, I'm faced with a variety of choices. Some are small, others are not. The choices I make define me and my world. Each day I work on my resistance to creating and to sharing. For creating and sharing are choices I make that, ultimately, I am not comfortable with, though I consistently work to choose them. To create exposes me to my own judgements, and to share exposes me to yours. And for me, both are equally terrifying. My history had taught me that ...

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Building Blocks on My PWIW Path

I was all set to release my first book on Pay What It's Worth pricing last week, a book I've been writing in one form or another for, I don't know... six years or so, but life got in the way, as it does. Life, it seems, had a bunch to teach me, and specifically about PWIW. Life had me thinking my book was a terrible lie. And then it had me thinking that there was so much missing from it. See, that's my problem with Pay What It's Worth... always has been. There's just too much to ...

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