More Questions Than Answers

More Questions Than Answers

photo credit Macarena C.

I’ve been told those who “know” things are experts, and that they can help me make the right choices. I’ve been taught that when I have a problem, an expert will have my solution. And I’ve been led to believe that, by asserting my own “knowing,” I can create evidence of my own professionalism and abilities – and be an expert too.

To not know and to admit it, to be open and asking questions can feel wrong in the world of expertise. It can feel shameful to “not know”, and it can feel safer to appear certain of things — even when I am not. “Knowing” can feel like more of an accomplishment, and proof of my abilities, than being honest about my lack of knowing.

I know others build their careers around this false belief, that by living as an expert, they will truly know what’s best. But I can’t help but wonder, where’s the room for curiosity and wonder in that perspective? Where’s the room for living the questions?

I’m thinking the only thing I really need to “know”, as an expert or as an amateur, is that I can’t possibly have the answers until I lived the questions. It’s in the questions that the answers can be found.

photo credit: Macarena C.