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William Charlton: Innerpreneur Spotlight

WILLIAM CHARLTON Founder of Premier Crew I am: Concerned about the direction the world is going. We are relying on models of behaviour that are no longer fit for our actual situation. The paternalistic, top-down, command and control, growth centric, use and throw away, win or lose, ways of behaving are creating more problems that they are solving. Inequalities of all sorts are growing and big changes are needed or our future does not look pretty. My aim is to help organisations ...

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A Middle Way | Pay What It's Worth

A Middle Way

It appears that there are only two paths. To think of YOU or to think of ME. One, I give with my heart too wide; the other, with my heart too closed. There is a middle way. A place in between. A place where my heart is open, and it is protected. A place where I can be free to give, and to receive, the value I add to this world. There is a middle way.

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