Everything Has The Same Value

Everything Has The Same Value


Everyone can be your teacher, and everything can be an object of worship.

When you can free yourself from the scales of judgement in your lower mind—where one thing is held in higher virtue than another—in your higher mind, everything has the same value.

In this space, you see the teacher learns from their student, as the student learns from their teacher. In every exchange and in every relationship, there is value to realize.

When you can accept yourself and your true nature, you see this shared value. In acceptance of yourself, you lose the need to rank and weigh, and to judge any thing and any one as better or worse.

In this space of equanimity, you understand you create the value you give, and the value you receive.

What’s curious is that in this effort to understand our world and improve our self, we allow ourselves to realize the infinite value we possess.

photo credit: DorkyMum

Co-Creating Communication

Co-Creating Communication

photo credit: Stephen - 10on12

I’ve got this tendency in communication, maybe you have it too… I sometimes take on more responsibility than is rightfully mine.

You see, I am good at communicating. It comes naturally. I like it and because of this, I sometimes take on the job of doing it, even when it’s not mine to have.

Sometimes, I take on the job of valuing your words and expressions when you are not. Sometimes, I choose an unequal exchange.

An equal exchange

But here’s the thing, the truth about empowered communication and empowering myself through communication — sometimes, it’s best if I don’t listen. Sometimes, it’s best if I don’t acknowledge what’s being communicated.

If you’re communicating in a constructive way, then listening and recognizing you is my priority. But, if you’re not holding up your end of the communication bargain and being responsible for your role in the relationship, then your words lose their value. For you are no longer valuing them.

Your carelessness with your communication is not my responsibility.

Shared responsibility

What’s mine is my responsibility towards empowered communication and my need for co-creative communication.

What’s mine are maintaining my boundaries around what is our shared responsibility in our exchange.

valuing my words & expressions = valuing your words & expressions

Both are my job. And both are yours. That’s how we co-create communication together.

photo credit: Stephen – 10on12